The old (2006): Ah, no, it's not up yet. But soon. November 2006.      
  The old (2006): Here you will soon see the Wheel of Power in all its lustrous glory, your digital guide to the predicaments referenced in Neck Deep and Other Predicaments.      
  The new (2008): Ah. I have lied. Tantalized without reward. Teased without satisfaction. I am sorry. Sordid. Sorted. My plan to get the wheel digitized so it could be shared with all failed, finally, and it—and this page with it—was abandoned. However. The upside is that the Wheel of Power and Confusion actually does exist, but only in corporeal form. We printed 1000. We distributed all of them at readings and with review copies. I hope you got one.      

It's like all of those Tori Amos hard-to-find Australia-only recordings with the one b-side or live version that I never could find when I was seventeen. The obsessive, exhaustive collector hoards them. At least before the age of mp3 and digitalism and now the tracks are online somewhere floating, waiting for you to torrent them or get them in some other way. But what of the physical object? What of the artifact? These things are still important, but not so much so. They have been exhausted, drained, a little. They are transparent vegetables devoured by Bunnicula. They are fading light towards evening and your lover silhouetted against that light.

Maybe they are already gone. Like what this page once was meant to point to, signify. Never updated, like millions of other websites, with the promised content, that continent we had been waiting to explore.