Blood Index



age of stains, 194
alcohol, 345-359
as evidence, insufficient
as metaphor, 316
as narrator, 114, 116
collection, from suspect, 168, 180
       from victim, 167, 177
              for alcohol analysis, 353
       subtlety of
copper content of,
crystal tests for, 189
distinction of source, 172
distribution patters, 173
enzyme markers, 204
groups, 197
inheritance of, 198
hemoglobin variants, 205
loss of, and desperation, 209
omission of evidence of in order to conceal crimes
on hands,
       removal of by aggravated washing
       removal of by amputation
       removal of by necessary means
       removal of by “Out! Out! Damned Spot”
       removal of in order to sleep again
       removal of in order to dream of smashing glass
              as embedded in eyes
              as representative of ego
              as representative of teeth
presence of, 182
protein factors, 203
species origin of, 190
spectroscopic tests for, 190
testing equipment, 28
tests, catalytic, 183
       interference with, 284
sensitivity of, 184
where from