Deadly Inventory


1. String so strong
2. Wire cutters
3. Moratorium
4. Birdsong
5. Long time gone
6. A sum
7. Strays
8. What came
9. Hills and hilarity
10. Boy scout backpacking wilderness survival weekend at boy scout camp where you ate tuber roots for the first time and got sick
11. What else sickens
12. What dull is: doldrums caused by long bed stays
13. Long bed stays caused by hospital light and insufficient window glare
14. Black box recorders in planes
15. Some instructions for you while we’re gone
16. The numbers we’ll be at in case you need us
17. A rotten floorboard on the deck
18. Termite tunnels in the basement stair
19. Too-sharp saws in the shed out back
20. Abraham gets rheumatic fever and a heart attack
21. He went through the ice in his own way and you know we all do
22. Safety razors not so safe
23. How to speak another language
24. How to write a message
25. Old song with wax
26. Lost words and holes
27. Fire rings and love and butter churn
28. Cedar chest and moth flutter and thoughts of eyelid nights with Liz
29. Reused air and old light
30. Radio call signs
31. Code and knot
32. Nabokov; some Melville
33. Removing paint from hands
34. How turpentine can go up in flame
35. Batteries containing acid
36. Heavy is a drug is a hollow ore
37. The viaduct under which kids smoke up
38. Most of the world takes place in caskets or in jars
39. A reckoning, unnoticed
40. Kerosene
41. Kerosene
42. Irony
43. Kerosene
44. Some in boats, by buoy
45. Some by sun
46. Some by draught or dram
47. Some by dam
48. Some become
49. Some burn