Short Stories and Questions for Discussion: Postcard Received from a Place I Will Never Visit, and Which Appears to be from a Man I Know Only Because He Went through the Lake Last Year in One of Many Awful Winter Accidents, Leaving His Surprisingly Attractive Wife Widowed and Behind for Me to Stalk

The queen angelfish (Holacanthus ciliais) is distinguished by a circle of blue dots on the forehead, almost like a crown, and are found amid the coral reef throughout the Florida Keys. (Photo copyright 1992 Stephen Frink)


Dear Mother and Dad,

This is one of the many varieties of fish that we saw during our snorkel trips off Key Largo. We were quipped with wet suits (water temp 74 degrees F) and paddled over shallow and deep (25 ft) areas of coral. The fish were absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, this was quite an adventure. (We were in the water about an hour.) The weather has been perfect, accommodations wonderful, and platefuls of delicious, fresh seafood.

On Friday, we attended the Miami Boat Show, and today (Sunday) are headed south to Key West. Tonight will be, alas, our last in Florida.

Love, Julia and Michael.